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Stop Smoking, Vaping, and Over Drinking Forever!


Freedom from Smoking, Vaping, and Overdrinking

Quit smoking, Vaping, and Overdrinking in just ONE SESSION! Learn how with this video!


Stop Smoking, Vaping, or Over-Drinking and get your Life Back 


Welcome to Confident Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy, where we specialize in empowering individuals to break free from smoking, vaping, or over-drinking habits. Our proven approach, led by Clinical Hypnotherapist Melissa Boher Jacobson, ensures rapid and permanent transformation.


One Session- With a LIFETIME Service Guarantee

Confident in our ability to help you stop unwanted habits like smoking, vaping, and overdrinking, we offer a unique lifetime service guarantee. If cravings return, we provide free sessions. This commitment stems from our high success rate, with only five percent of clients needing additional support.


Hypnosis: Triple the Success Rate of Conventional  Methods

Clinical trials confirm hypnosis triples success rates compared to other methods, including patches, pills and other methods. At Confident Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy, we elevate this success by combing advanced hypnosis techniques with groundbreaking neurological processes.


Immediate Results, Lasting Change

From the moment you step in, we identify, reverse, and clear the root issue, allowing you to validate immediate changes. Our goal is not just to stop smoking, vaping and overdrinking, but to provide lasting freedom from unwanted habits.

Ready to reclaim control and achieve a confident, healthy life? 


Yes, It Really Is Possible!

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You can be Smoke Free, Vape Free and Alcohol Free For LIFE 
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Meet Melissa

Melissa Boher Jacobson

Melissa is a highly trained, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Rapid Transformational Therapist, a Certified Medical Hypnotherapy Practitioner and Certified Smoking /Vaping Cessation Specialist. 

Over the last 23 years, Melissa has empowered  thousands of individuals of all ages to overcome anxiety, fear, unwanted habits and issues.  

Addressing a multitude of issues, including eliminating smoking, vaping, drinking, self-esteem, weight loss, anxiety, self esteem and confidence,  success blocks, motivation, procrastination and much more. 

Melissa incorporates a vast array of powerful, scientific and effective techniques, including cognitive-behavioral methods, Neuro-linguistic programming, neurological rewiring methods, hypnotic tools and coaching for rapid and permanent change.

Sessions are done via Zoom or in person at her Florida office.

Ready for freedom from unwanted issues and habits with rapid, permanent  change? Let's connect!


"Melissa is absolutely amazing! I suffered from paralyzing fear, anxiety, and self-loathing and was just unable to grasp the idea that I had any value as a person. Melissa changed all of this for me, and now I am confident, positive, strong, and healthy! I have lost 30lbs, my overall health has improved tremendously, and best of all, I truly believe I am worthy and wonderful! Melissa is absolutely amazing and talented at what she does for people! I highly recommend her to everyone! I would give her ten stars!"

Shae Q

Doing pretty well! NO CRAVINGS! NO VAPE!

Doing great! Cravings have been nonexistent! 2nd full day without it!


Day 7 today!!

- Austin

I want to give a big shout out to Melissa Boher Jacobson. Three weeks ago, I asked around about a hypnotist to quit smoking. A week later, I went to Melissa. Two weeks later, I haven't had a cigarette. I thought about waiting a little longer, but I appreciate her follow-through and everything she's done to help me quit that god-awful habit. Thank you, Melissa! I highly recommend her.  

- Gail Ann M.

Are You Ready To Take Control

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