Are you ready to RELEASE Chronic and Debilitating Anxiety, Stress, Worry, and Sadness from Your Life??

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Break Free from Anxiety, Stress, Chronic Worrying,  and Sadness.


Anxiety is not a life sentence.  Using a combination of Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy, get to the Root Cause of Disordered Anxiety and replace it with calm, self-trust and confidence. Step into your best life TODAY!!


Yes, It Really Is Possible! 

You CAN be free of Debilitating Anxiety, Stress, Chronic Worry, and Sadness For LIFE 

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If you are like many of the successful people I work with, you've tried countless ways to overcome anxiety, only to end up feeling frustrated, thinking you have an answer, only to find out it doesn’t work.

It can feel like everything is working against you, when you have been dealing with the limitations of anxiety for so long and you need help NOW, not six months from now!

When a methods fails, many people feel like THEY have failed,  leading to more self doubt and anxiety. 

One of my clients described their anxiety as "it's like a Mack Truck sitting on my chest."   

If you spoke to him now, he would tell you he is now FREE OF ANXIETY, and you CAN BE TOO.

 When my clients  get to the ROOT CAUSE of their disordered anxiety, and clear it from their system,  they are fable to rapidly and permanently dissolve It, along with all the powerlessness, overwhelm, self doubt and physical symptoms they were also experiencing..

You CAN be free of anxiety.

You DESERVE to be free of anxiety.

And I can help you.

Melissa is the best!!! The tools and techniques she teaches has transformed my life. She is so caring and helpful and has helped me through some major life changes, both personally and professionally. I highly recommend Melissa, I believe anyone and everyone would benefit working with her.
-  Dannielle

I went to Melissa to overcome Social Anxiety and become more confident as a musician.  As a result of working with Melissa, I now am much more relaxed in social settings.  My relationship and communication with my wife have improved, and I find I am able to perform with more confidence. I even had a recent interview where for the first time I found myself feeling completely confident and relaxed.

 David A., Nurse/Musician 

After working with Melissa to overcome sadness, depression, and anxiety, I now feel confident and excited about my future. My stress levels and anxiety are at an all-time low. This worked really well! I feel really good about myself and confident about my ability to take on difficult tasks.  It worked rapidly and I enjoyed the recording.  It's crazy how effective this is. You wake up one day and you are thinking completely differently.  I highly recommend this. Give it a shot!!!

- Kerry, 16 years old

I feel much more free, relaxed, and confident, and my kids, including my special needs child, have benefitted -making incredible progress academically and socially, just because I am more relaxed and confident as a mom. My boss has noticed how much more confident, relaxed, and effective I am. Very effective- definitely recommend working with Melissa!

 Lis M, 42 years old 


"I had anxiety surrounding my health and the thoughts wouldn't go away, preventing me from sleeping and productively doing my schoolwork.

Now I really don't think about it at all!

I feel a lot more free, because I'm living my life without any worries, and I can really focus on the good and enjoy things more.

I know that I can handle anything.

I'm not nervous about getting sick, or anything related to my health.

I had a lot of anxiety and panic attacks about flying.

Now I can easily get on a plane and enjoy the flight.

I'm really excited because now I know that I can handle anything and now everything's really positive.

I'm pretty much free of all my anxiety."

- B.D. Sophomore, University of Miami


Here’s what to do next:

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With You and Me.

You will learn:

  • How¬†removing anxiety will lead to a fullfilling, happy and balanced life
  • Why my program removes anxiety rapidly and permanently.
  • Pricing and scheduling options that work for YOU.
I'm Ready!!
"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be."-- Lao Tzu